Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We are in full swing with the first institute. Susan O'Haloran had a medical emergency so Jon Spelman stepped in at the last minute. We have twenty students for this half of the institutes with more arriving Thursday for UMOJA.

When Rachel told me inquiry had been made about my storytelling gig on the Moultrie Dining Car, I was surprised. I guess when I made my last post I thought that was it, but here I am again and glad to be here.

The dining car experience was so cool - it's like an aluminum tube inside and all the tables and chairs are made to fit in such a way that 36 people could dine in comfort if not in privacy. All went well until the AC went out and then that slip of metal got hot - very hot. They cancelled the evening performance but by that time I had actually been on the train 3 hours and had told 2x45 minutes each earlier in the day.

Saturday I told a total of 5 full performances and by the time I was done, felt I had begun to truly inhabit the stories. I got a five-dollar tip, signed autographs on tickets and gave out contact information and hawked ETSU Storytelling!

Enjoy the rest of the summer. I think of you all frequently.

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