Thursday, August 9, 2007

Back in ND

Hi, Ya'All,
It is Tuesday afternoon and I had a chance to sit down and write a quick note to let everyone know I am back home. I am going through that readustment phase, that is hard to explain to anyone who has not ever left their state for a summer. Aaron had kept up everything on the home front. The garden looks great and the house was clean, even the laundry was done. I am all unpacked, tonight when Aaron gets off work we will spend some quality time together freezing corn. Tomorrow I am off to meet with the other 1st grade teachers to sort out our new school supplies and reading books. i will find out if my boxes have been moved and if I can get into my new room to set up for the school year. I had a relaxing day at home, after our return from Fargo. Kyle had his wisdom teeth removed. He is doing great! Although he is a tough patient, he argued with the nurse when she needed to use the wheel chair to take him down to the car, and he argues with me about taking the pain medication and antibiotics. He said, after playing hockey this is nothing. Just makes you want to play hockey, Right!!!! We had a fun trip back with a little time to see a few things on the way back, like Opryland, The arches in St. Louis, and the KC Royals stadium and the KC Chiefs Arrowhead stadium. We got to Vermillion, SD by about 5:00 Tues, night. We were pleased that we were making such good time. Then our quick stop at our daughter, AJ's turned into aout a 4 hour stop, so we didn't get home until after 1:30 a.m. It made for a short night with Aaron working on Wed. and me taking sister-in-law Sarah back to Fargo for her to get her car and start across the state to her home in western ND. I have one story to tell on them...we were on our way to Jonesborough to hear Barbara at the ISC, I had let Sarah sit in front so she could see the mountains and Aaron was driving. Sarah wanted to stop at the used book store to check on the Dr. Seuss books, When we got to Market Street I told them, " When you go over a hill, watch for a yellow van that says book store." They went over the first hill and slowed way down. I asked them what they were doing. They were looking for the yellow van. A hill would mean one hill to them and one hill was more than they would see in the Red River Valley. So I found out I needed to be more explicit in my directions. FYI: On the way home Kyle Charles ( thus the KC) called us to tell us the football coach had called and asked him to come out for football. They needed him. We already had the surgery scheduled, so he will have to decide what he wants to do after he heals up. I wish everyone the best in all their projects coming up this fall. Thanks for all you gave to the class, it was a great experience to work with everyone. Take care! Brenda

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Barnabus said...

Regardless of the 110 degree heat index that is coming today, I also am happy to be home. I'm glad and grateful to Someone that all went well on your family's trip home. I was so afraid that Roy Book Binder was on the road at the same time. The future can be unrolling. As I found during my now defunct working career, life can be a roller coaster, but it can be exciting, and fun, unless a fellow rider throws-up lunch.