Thursday, August 2, 2007

Our experiences today are keeping me awake tonight. I cannot forget the thrill of using our 'intelligence' to meld our stories together in ways that eventually produced a whole unit of performance. It took careful listening, knowledge of our individual story bases and the willingness to step into the light and speak our truth. Schank on page 236 wrote about how individuals learn to 'present things in the right order and in the right way for maximum impact.' I think that same reasoning can apply to the conversational style of storytelling we did tonight. It felt playful to me and terribly alive - an organic process, that while unplanned in its format, nevertheless took on an interesting kind of order. I don't think that could have happened three weeks ago, but I am glad it happened August 2, 2007.

Many thanks to our teacher for his caring and yet determined methods of opening our eyes to the stories we have to tell and how and why we tell them, and also putting us back together again when it seemed perhaps we had fallen apart never to rise again.

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Barnabus said...

Minds are usually clogged and sometimes it takes the roto-rooter man to get the flow back. Also, thanks to you and to David.