Sunday, August 5, 2007

home again, home again, jig-a-de-jig

I am getting settled back in to life in Sparta. I miss you all and it seems odd to not be packing up the truck to head East at daybreak. I keep waking up and only now realize why. I feel like I'm forgetting to do some thing - but, come morning, I will adjust to staying home. Today I returned to my Sunday school class and was overwhelmed by the warm greeting I received from my rowdy boys. I glanced through our lesson then launched into a story. It was grand! This afternoon, for the very first time, we took baby Chase swimming. As I danced around to pool with a happy 4 month old, I felt like I was rising again from the baptismal waters. How beautiful this life is, when viewed with a child.

I miss you all, but I glad to be home. My dog climbed in my suitcase as I unpacked my dirty clothes and I swear she gave me a look that said I was not leaving again without her.

I was happy to hear that Danny made it home safe. Did Brenda's family make it in safely? How did Saundra's storytelling go? Is everything still good for the institute next week???

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Barnabus said...

Hope all is well in tellersee. I am now telling and it is great to tell rather than to yell.