Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Takes Telling to Live Happily Ever After

Well, guys and dolls it has been a wonderful experience transitioning from the governmental business world to the telling world. No more 'hide and seek' games in the office environment.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Watch Out A Neophyte Teller Has Emerged in NW Florida

Well my cohorts, telling has begun and I now have a repertorie.

I have told before five audiences: 38 with early Alzheimer's Disease, 57 Kiwanians, 15 assisted living patients, 15 history buffs in an old historical home in Panama City Florida, and the Okaloosa County Deocratic Party Precinct Committee. Seeing their faces and closeness told me that tellers and listeners are all one and united through story. All is well, and I now understand why I was called to tell.

By the way, I have received two calls from local school teachers wanting me to come and tell. If anyone has a good Johnny Appleseed tale that he/she can pass to me I would love to receive it.