Monday, July 16, 2007

Saundra, Day One

Well, fellow students, we met today for the first time as a group, and I suspect it won't take very long for us to mold into a community. When we do, we will learn more than we ever dreamed possible in three short weeks.

Dan Yashinsky's book, Suddenly They Heard Footsteps, is athought-provoking and insightful look into the world of storytelling. Woven throughout its chapters are stories of all kinds - stories about his respected mentors (oh, how I wish I had one,) beloved family members and meaningful events in his life.

Yashinsky has the ability to draw one into the words pictures he creates, thus directly involving the reader in what he is saying. To paraphrase him: stories are in everything you see, think and feel and the people you meet - everything. The trick is to be aware of them.

Today's telling opportunities revealed how diverse we are and also what appeals to us as individuals in the stories we tell. When I told Ms.Ruby's Red Carpet, I was aware of Ruby near me, but I still wasn't exactly sure what to say about her in spite of the work I have done on the piece. Narrow it down, focus and the rest will follow. I look forward to make it something really worth a listener's time and thought.SGK

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