Tuesday, July 31, 2007

mulling vs. procrastination

“Mulling is a process critical to intelligence, one that creates labels for events in myriad way so that they can be seen again in memory”(221). I wonder if procrastination works in the same way. I have worked on 5 other things and am finally getting to the blogging. I do have to say I enjoyed the ending of Schank’s book much more than the beginning. I was even laughing at some of the items discussed. He had interesting comparisons of intelligence like…”the more intelligent you are the more you will fail”(232). “Intelligence requires you to forget many things and ignore most things.”(224) Yet I understand what he is trying to say. We will select the information we will remember from this class, and by being here and trying new things we are expanding our memory. We will create new ideas and thus become more intelligent.

School isn’t all I am thinking about. I have this urge to pull the weeds I see growing in the flower beds as I walk by them and I know I am missing my annual garden fix. My husband has been graciously freezing beans and keeping the garden watered in the 98 plus temperatures they have been having.. He informs me that the cucumbers are starting to call my name in anticipation of getting turned into a pickle. I also know that by the time I get home the corn and apples will be ready. I do a lot of canning, freezing, and making jelly as did my ancestors of the past. It gets us through the winter and gives us a chance to share home canned fruits, jellies, and vegetables with our daughters. When they come home, they usually take some back with them and it helps them with their grocery bills. One way we can help them out. My memory is recalling other obligations as the days fly by and I am moving on to answer that call.


Barnabus said...

Mind work is similar to thecanning process. New ideas can rot like tomatoes if not canned and kept.

Sandy said...

I just realized that I haven't put any corn in the freeze this year. We have got to have REAL fried corn for Thanksgiving and Christmas! We need much more than that for the family to be happy! What was I thinking going to school all summer and not hitting the farmers market on weekends - I have REAL work to do and school starts next week! Aaawwwwwww!