Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day 2

July 17
Present: Dan, Rachael, Sandy, Saundra, Brenda, Josh

We began in a semi-circle. thank you Dan. I asked you each to introduce yourselves. The stories came along, of course. We listened to large and small changes and variations in one anothers' presentations and stories.

We discussed ways of making ourselves at home in the telling space. A few points in no particular order:
Voice tones of upglide and downglide cue a listener to know when you are finished or have more to say. Too often repeated use of downglides can create a bumpy rhythm.
The teller stands at the threshold between the listener and the world of the story, weaving the 2 together.
Your intention to create an experience for your listener will draw out your telling skills: vocal, verbal, physical.
The tricks of language (verbal conceits) we learn in English class have their origin in speaking. As you speak and respeak your stories, poetics arise. "Big Black Garbage Bags"!!
"Rehearsal" comes from farming, meaning to go over the same ground, breaking up the earth. As in "re-harrow".

We did some variety walks working with various charismatic images such as "heart of gold" "head in clouds" "walking on eggshells". Notice how the image has the ability to transform your actions.

I mentioned the work of Francois Delsarte in the 19th century. His theories are still of use to us and you might enjoy knowing more about him and his work. here's a place to start: http://www.answers.com/topic/fran-ois-delsarte

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Sandy said...

Danny loaned me a cable so that I could finally get on line. I am greatful for the notes you post; I feel like I can relax and enjoy class more now. I kept feeling guilty about not taking enough notes, but I was getting caught up in the "doing" of class. Thank you, thank you, thank you. -Sandy