Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Class Report - July 17th Day 2

It was a great day today. There were many teller tips that I learned through listening, observing, and experiencing. I got a little confused regarding what David told me to do. My interpretation was that we were to introduce ourselves, but it turned into a tale telling adventure. Regardless, it was useful. Much of what Yashinsky wrote in Chapters 3 thru 4 was seen first hand.

My 'Suddenly They Heard Footsteps' blog related many events of our day with the Yashinsky guidance. Here are a few other teller tips that I gathered today:
  • Storytellers are vulnerable if they try to be themselves. There is a storyteller Danny Boy and a Danny. Must be the one the listeners want. A teller must conjure the listeners.
  • Don't fade as you speak, it will confuse and lose the listeners
  • Small pre-telling actions such as moving the microphone, table, chair are part ofthe performance. They will underscore that you are there to share a story.
  • Streamline what you say and be succinct and to the point.
  • How you stand, sit and balance your body can be part of the story, and if not done in a listener accepted way you may lose the listeners, i.e. Closing them out by crossing your arms, touching your chin when the statement is from the heart.
  • How you hold your head and your body will be par of the spell you are casting to the listeners.
  • There is a listener appreciation for casual demeanor. Formal posture may convey a closed look to the listener. A ballcap can give a boyish quality, i.e. Bill Lepp example.

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